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Encyclopedia of laws>Media, culture and Publication

The Radio Basic Law
Royal Decree No. M/26 dated 7/9/1412 H Approving the Logging for Publishing Law
Royal Decree No. M/55 dated 23/10/1409H Approving The National Center for Document and Archives Law
Science, Arts and Literature Welfare Supreme Council Law
Royal Decree No. M/32 dated 3/9/1421(H) Approving The Publications and Publishing Law
King Fahad National Library Law
Royal Decree No.M/20 dated 8/5/1422(H) Approving The Press Corporations Law
Royal Decree No (M/54), dated 23/10/1409H Approving the Documents and Archives Law
Royal Decree No. M/35 dated 28/12/1412H Approving The Rules Organizing Advertising and Publicity Boards
The Law of the Protection of the Written Heritage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Scientific Societies
The Copyright Protection Law
The Law of Antiquities
Law of Patents, Plan Designs for the Integrated Electronic Products, Botanic Species and Industrial Specimens
Gulf Arab States Cooperation Council Patents Law
Arab Gulf Cooperation Council States Patents Office Basic Law
King Abdul Aziz Foundation Law
Patent Law (Cancelled)
Law for publishing and disclosing confidential s and information

The Regulation of the Rewards and Incentives for the Publications Issued by the Governmental Organs 
The Text of the Regulation of Documents Preservation (Archives) in Government Organs 
Council of Ministers Resolution No. (302) dated 11/09/1433, approving the organization Broadcasting Corporation 
Council of Ministers Resolution No. (332) Date: 10/16/1433 e approving the organization of the General Authority for Audiovisual 
The decision of the Minister of Culture and Information No. 57,805 dated 04/06/1433 approving the rules of the relevant committees to consider violations of the provisions of the Press and Publications 
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