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Encyclopedia of laws>Education, research and state awards Law

Adult Education and Eradication of Illiteracy Law
The Higher Education Council and Universities Law
Governmental Schools Law
Law of the Directorate General of Education
Law of the Public Administration Institute
Law of the Institute of Diplomatic Studies
Law of Public Corporation for Technical Education and Vocational Training (Cancelled)
The Private Schools Legislative Organization Regulation
Foreign Schools Regulation
Organizing of the Non Governmental Technical Institutes and Vocational Centers
The Non-governmental Colleges Regulation
The Organizational Rules for Foreign Languages Centers
Law of Teaching Aids Materials Production and Marketing
Law of General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training

Higher Educational Council Resolution No.10-15-1420 in 1/2/1420(H) About Laws Organizing Scientific Societies in Saudi Universities 
Royal decree No. M/8 in 19/4/1406 (H) approving king Abdul Aziz city for sciences and technology (KACST) law 
Education Policies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
President's decision King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology issued the Regulations for research ethics system on living creatures 
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