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Encyclopedia of laws>Oil and Mineral Wealth

The Mining Investment Law
Law of Appropriation of the Red Sea Resources
Law of Appropriation of the Resources of the Arab Gulf Bordering the Kingdom
Law of the Commercial Companies Working in Petroleum Field
Law of the Saudi Arab Mining Company (MAADIN)
Forests and Pastures Law
Law of the Supreme Council for Petroleum and Mineral Affairs
The Public Petroleum and Minerals Corporation law
The Association of the Saudi Arab Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)
The Water Resources Preservation Law
Law of Hunting, Investments, and Protection of the Living water wealth’s in the Kingdom Regional Waters
Wild Birds and Animals Hunting Law
Law of Gas Supplies and Pricing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Animal Wealth Law
Mining Law (Cancelled and Replaced by Mining Investment Law)
The Saudi Geological Surveying Organization
Bill of Petroleum Studies and Researches Center

Ministerial Decision on Modifying the Service Area Natural Gas Distribution Company and Modifying the Gas Distribution Service Tariff in the Industrial City 
Royal Decree No. M / 36 dated 25/6/1424H 
The Council of Ministers decision No.163, on the 20th-6-1424. Regarding the Approval of the Bylaws for gas supply and pricing 
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