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Encyclopedia of laws>Pilgrimage and Charitable Trusts/ Hajj and Waqfs

Law of the Supreme Council of Endowments
Hajj Escort and Pilgrimage Administration Law
Pilgrims Reception and Expulsion Law
The Law of Registration of the Dead Pilgrims and Registration of Their Residuals
The Law of Pilgrims Groups Services Organization
The Organization of the Treatment of the Persons Coming to the Kingdom with Visa for Pilgrimage (Hajj) or Minor Pilgrimage (Umrah) or Other
Law of Transporting Pilgrims to the Kingdom and Returned (Cancelled)
Law of Hajj Escorts Agents and Jawa Sheikhs at Jeddah
Rules Organizing Inner Pilgrims Services
Rules of Hajj Escorts Groups Agents, Leaders and Butlers of Zamzam Water Discipline Law
Charity Endowments Organizing Regulation
Organization of Services of Visitors of Madina for Minor Pilgrimage (Umrah) and the Visitors to the Prophetic Mosque from Abroad
Law of Houses Prepared for Pilgrims Dwelling
Health Conditions for Arrivals for Pilgrimage
Law of Pilgrims Transport and Return to Home Countries
Domestic Pilgrims Service Law
The Law of the General Authority for Guardianship over Minors Money and the like
Unified Law to Provide for Money of the Minor and whoever in their Provision in the GCC States

The Text of the Regulation for the Moon Sighting in the Beginning of the Lunar Months 
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