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Encyclopedia of laws>Agriculture, Water, Animal and Marine Wealth

Saudi Agricultural Bank Law
Distribution of Fallow Lands Law
Law of Demarcation of the Territorial Sea & subterranean Waters of the Kingdom
The Water Resources Preservation Law
Water and Sewage Drainage Corporation Law
The Law of Treated and Recycling Sewage Water
Law of the General Corporation for Desalinating Saline Water
General Corporation for Grain Silos and Flour Mills Law
Law of Agricultural Quarantine
Trading in Agricultural Machinery Organization Rules
Agricultural Safety Regulation
Trading in Fertilizers & Agricultural Prolific Fertilizers Law
The statue of Marafiq Company for Electricity and Water in Jubail and Yanbu
The Quarantine Law for the States of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC)
Law of Insecticide in the GCC States
Law of Fertilizers and Cultivating Soil Improvers in Gulf Corporation Council
Regulation of the Saudi Society for Organic Agriculture

New Regulation for Trading in Pesticides Inclusive of Penalties Ranging From Warning up to Closure of the Violating Premises  
The statute as published in the last amendment The statute of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation issued by royal decree No.49/m on the 20th 8 1394 
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