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Encyclopedia of laws>Military and Interior Security

Borders Security Law
Law of Military Retirement
Officers Service Law
Public Security Administration System in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Order of Saudi Military Medals
Personnel Service Law
Internal Law Procedure of the Saudi Arabian Army
Civil Defense Law
Penal Code in the Saudi Arabian Army (Military Punishments)
Internal Security Forces Law
Military Colleges Law
The Saudi Medals and Orders Law
The Military Service Council Law
Law of Arms and Ammunitions (Cancelled)
Law of Exchanging Benefits between the Civilian & Military Retirement Laws and the Social Insurance Law
Private Civil Security Guard Law
Military Clothes and Ordnance (Outfits) Law
Law of Weapons & Ammunitions
National Security Council Law
Law of Civilian and Military Medals

Royal Decree No. M / 21 dated 11/04/1433 approving the implementation of the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Biological and Toxin Weapons 
The Council of Ministers resolution regarding the rejection of the mediation principal, and the payment of all commissions, of all types in all armament contracts. No.1275 Dated on September 12th 1995. 
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