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Encyclopedia of laws>Transport and Navigation

Air Navigation Law
Law of Establishing Airports in the Kingdom
Civil Aviation Tariff Law (Cancelled)
Rail Way Lines Protection Law
Law of Sea Ports, Wharfs and Minarets
Saudi Ports Public Corporation Law
Law of the Saudi Airlines General Corporation
Law of Transporting Pilgrims to the Kingdom and Returned
Public Transportation on Roads in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Law
Law of Automobiles Trade Union
Law of the Diplomatic Foreign, Governmental Military Planes Landing and Transit
Railways Public Corporation of the Kingdom Government
Regulations for entry of Canoes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ports
Public Transportation Regulations Procedures and Conditions
Traffic Law (Cancelled)
Regulation of Vehicles and Accessories and Spare Parts thereof Regulation
Regulation of Roads Construction by Natives and Companies
The Statute of the Saudi Aviation Club
Civil Aviation Law
Civil Aviation Tariff Law

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Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 93 dated 30/7/1374H concerning the Law of the Vessels (Ships) Mortgage Approved by the Royal Order No. 9/3/8469 dated 1/9/1374H  
Decree of Council of Ministers No. 155 dated on Jumada Awal 17, 1433 A.H. Approving Railway transport system 
Royal Decree No. M/33 dated on Jumaada Awal 24, 1433 A.H. Approving railway transportation System  
Royal Decree No. M/25 Date on the 21st 06 1397  
Terms and Procedures of licensingto practice tourist transport activities by buses 
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