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Press Dossier   By Date  25/01/2023
Could I be arrested for not paying credit card dues?
Question: As per prevailing rules, can I be arrested for not paying credit card dues? What’s the penalty for the same if I am unable to?
94,000 benefit from Sharjah's 50% discount on attestation of overdue rental contracts
A total of 94,000 leasing contracts were attested in Sharjah under the 50 per cent discount scheme rolled out last year for attestation of late contracts. In total, 294,000 leasing contracts were attested in 2022.
Edge makes $14 million investment in High Lander
The UAE’s Edge group has announced a strategic investment in High Lander, the company behind Universal UTM, a drone-agnostic unmanned traffic management solution which provides the automation, coordination, and safety much needed in increasingly crowded skies.
UAE slashes fees for 14 business services by up to 92%
The UAE announced on Tuesday a sharp reduction in fees for 14 services as part of an on-going drive to further enhance the attractiveness of its business environment that is ranked 12th globally for competitiveness.
Saudi king issues order promoting and appointing 51 judges at Board of Grievances
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has issued a royal order promoting and appointing 51 judges at the Board of Grievances at various judicial levels, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.
Shoura Council approves IMF regional office in Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Shoura Council on Tuesday held its 18th ordinary session in Riyadh under the chairmanship of deputy speaker, Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami.
Real Estate Development Fund deposits $243m in Sakani accounts to further boost Saudi housing goals
Saudi Arabia’s Real Estate Development Fund deposited SR912 million ($243 million) in the accounts of Sakani beneficiaries in January 2023.
Qatar Investment Authority raises stake in Credit Suisse to just under 7%
Qatar's sovereign wealth fund has increased its stake in Credit Suisse to just under 7 percent, becoming the Swiss bank's second-largest shareholder after Saudi National Bank, in a sign that its Gulf investor base is growing in importance.
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