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Press Dossier   By Date  29/01/2023
Explained: How to bring a domestic worker to UAE, documents required
Question: I read about some law changes when it comes to hiring domestic workers in the UAE. I am from India and wish to bring someone from my hometown to stay with us as a full-time maid. Can you please explain the legal process to follow?
Health insurance in Dubai: Should the employer bear staff's premium costs?
Question: I will be taking up a job in a mainland Dubai company shortly. I understand I will be working on a standard two-year visa. Please clarify who is to bear the costs of medical insurance for myself and my family.
UAE stock markets poised for another stellar year
The UAE stock markets were the second-best performing stock market in 2022, and the best in US dollar terms with a gain of 37 per cent, recent research showed. The interest in the country’s equities is likely to continue this year as 11 initial public offerings are slated for this year.
Saudi Arabia’s real estate plans leading the world in innovation
Setting the tone for the shape of things to come, 2023 began on a high note for the real estate industry with deals worth more than SR10 billion ($2.66 billion) signed on the opening day of the Real Estate Future Forum, which was held in Riyadh from Jan. 23-25.
11 agreements signed during global medical biotechnology summit in Saudi Arabia
Eleven agreements were signed during the Riyadh Global Medical Biotechnology Summit 2023, which concluded in the Saudi capital on Thursday.
Amiri order to accept government resignation
An Amiri order was issued on Thursday to accept the resignation of the government just three months after its formation as a result of disputes with the National Assembly. The order also asked the government to act as a caretaker government to run day-to-day urgent matters until a new cabinet is formed.
Kuwait Airways losses drop by KD 52m
Kuwait Airways will acquire the “T4” building after renting it out for about KD 1 million annually, said Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, chairman of the board of directors at Kuwait Airways Company (KAC) during a press conference held by the company to announce its 2022 financial results.
CBK raises discount rate to 4.0%
The Governor and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), Basel A Al-Haroon stated that the CBK Board of Directors decided to raise the discount rate by 0.50 percent from 3.5 percent to 4.0 percent effective January 26, 2023.
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