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Law of Criminal Procedures issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 2) Dated 22/1/1435 H
The General Directorate of Inventory Control at the Ministry of Education Circular No. 38/319579 dated 4/1/1431 H on the revision of the form concerning the record of the inspection and investigation committee
Royal Decree No. (M / 96) dated 16/9/1439 H
Royal decree No. M / 40 of 21 / 7 / 1430 AH approving the law to combat crimes of trafficking in persons
Decision No. (332) dated 14 / 6 / 1440 H Add a paragraph number (3) to Article (71) of the Implementing regulations of the Criminal Procedure Law
Royal Decree No. (M / 12) dated 16-1-1440 AH
Resolution No. (332) dated 14/6/1440 H Adding a paragraph with number (3) to Article (seventy-one) of the Implementing regulations of the Criminal Procedure Law
Resolution No. (46) dated 15/1/1440 A.H. Approval of amending clause (Fourth) of the Criminal Procedure law
Statement of the Ministry of Interior regarding the formation of a committee whose task it is to prepare a list of extremists religious or intellectual currents or groups and the like as terrorist organizations internally, regionally or internationally.
Public Prosecutor Circular No. (4780) dated 1/19/1442 AH regarding the extent to which Resolution No. (1) of 1/1/1442 AH is applied to the major crimes requiring the arrest of cases occurring before its implementation
Decision of the Public Prosecutor No. 1 dated 1/1/1442 AH regarding the determination of major crimes requiring arrest
Council of ministers Decision No. 727 dated 16/11/1441 H to amend the Implementing regulations of the Penal Procedures Law issued by Resolution No. 142 of 1436 H
The Implementing Regulation According to the Latest Amendment Resolution No. (142) dated 21/3/1436 AH Approval of the Implementing Regulation of the Criminal Procedures Law
Council of Ministers Resolution No. (19) dated 6/1/1442 H amending Resolution No. (279) dated 28/6/1435 H
Ministry of Interior Resolution No. (365) dated 21/1/1432 H regarding the penal provisions that are recorded in the previous criminal’s record