Law of Substituting Fine By Imprisonment
 Imprisonment and Detention Law
 Law of Subjecting Ministers to Trial
 The Criminal Law on Forging & Imitating Banknotes
 Public Utilities Protection Law
 Law of Combating Financial Fraud and Breach of Trust
 Penalty Law of Undur Presumption of Identity of Man Public Authority
 Law of Combating Forgery
 Law of Combating Bribery
 Law of Anti - Commercial Fraud
 law on combating the crime of harassment
 the juvenile act
 law of Anti-Cyber Crime
 Prohibition of Narcotics Traffic Law (Cancelled)
 Law of Interrogation Authority and Prosecution General
 The Law of Criminal Procedures
 Money Laundry Combating Law
 Drugs and Narcotics Control Law
 Laws of blood money
 Anti Concealment Law
 Electronic Crimes Combating Law
 National Strategy for the Protection of Probity and Combating Corruption
 Law of Explosives and Bombs
 Law of Combating the Commercial Fraud
 Law for publishing and disclosing confidential s and information
 laws related to royal forgiveness
 Anti-trafficking in persons law
 Anti-terrorism Legalisation
Law of Criminal Procedures issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 2) Dated 22/1/1435 AH
The Council of Ministers decision No.1 on the 3rd - 1 – 1428
Royal decree No M / 35 dated on Jumada al-awal 8, 1432 A.H. Approving Penalties Law for publishing and disclosing confidential s and information