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Kuwait Times, Sunday, Mar 13, 2022 | Sha'ban 10, 1443

Kuwait Airways launches flights to Kuala Lumpur


Kuwait Airways announced the operation of its scheduled commercial flights to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, via Bangkok, Thailand, commencing on June 2, 2022, with three flights a week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. In this regard, Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Maen Razouqi stated, “Kuwait Airways is pleased to announce to its customers the operation of its flights to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is one of the most important and new destinations of Kuwait Airways, selected after extensive and systematic research due to its historic and touristic attractions along with its rich, diverse culture. Moreover, Kuala Lumpur also distinguishes itself as a suitable destination for holidays throughout the year and is considered the cultural, financial, and economic center of Malaysia.”

Razouqi added, “The launching of Kuala Lumpur as a destination emanates from within the framework of the company’s strategy to expand its network to various destinations and locations that will cover most countries of the world, with an excellent reach, and meeting the requirements of the local, regional and global aviation market, especially for the summer season, during which we expect to witness recovery and tremendous demand from passengers, that will significantly encourage tourism and travel around the world in general and the State of Kuwait, in particular for the benefit of the tourism and hospitality sector. Moreover, Kuwait Airways is relentlessly striving to provide diverse and newer options that meet the requirements and aspirations of its customers to travel by providing special promotional offers for those destinations that witness great demand during the holiday season and to acquire major operating shares in the global market.”

Razouqi mentioned, “Launching the Kuala Lumpur destination is in response to the requirements and in the interest of customers to enhance travel options, increasing the business, tourism, and economic activity between the two countries. It also contributes to facilitating the movement of passengers to perform the rituals of Omrah and Hajj from customers in the region of Southeast Asia, as well as ensuring that our valued customers enjoy the services provided by Kuwait Airways whether on board or during the completion of travel procedures.”

In the same context, Razouqi received the Ambassador of Malaysia to the State of Kuwait, Dato’ Mohammad Ali Selamat, in the presence of the First Secretary of the Malaysian Embassy, Ahmad Radzi Mohd Zim, KAC’s Director of Distribution and Network Planning- Shorouk Al-Awadi and the Director of Corporate Communication and Public Relations – Wael Al-Hasawi, where the two parties discussed methods to enhance joint cooperation and bilateral relations between the two countries and to seek development in all fields related to the aviation sector.

In this regard, Razouqi said, “We are honored by the visit of Ambassador Dato’ Mohammad Ali Selamat to the Kuwait Airways headquarters, where His Excellency was briefed on the history of the Blue Bird, with its important achievements, developments, and events. We also discussed the extent of relations between the State of Kuwait and Malaysia, the convergence of understanding between them in the public interest of both parties in addition to achieving the desired objectives in consolidating and strengthening relations between the two countries.”

Meanwhile, Ambassador Dato’ Mohammad Ali Selamat commended on the important step taken by Kuwait Airways in launching Kuala Lumpur as a destination and including it in its scheduled flights, thus making it convenient for passengers to travel to Malaysia and providing a good opportunity to understand its ancient history with its diverse culture, in addition to enjoying a holiday that includes numerous entertainment programs and activities. He also assured that the Malaysian Embassy would provide complete support to the clients, as well as facilitate the completion of procedures as soon as possible and in overcoming any hindrances.

Dato’ also pointed out that the launching of Kuala Lumpur as a destination is an important part of the joint cooperation between the State of Kuwait and Malaysia, contributing significantly to consolidating relations between the two countries and in the enhancement of several other fields.

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