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Arab News, Saturday, May 14, 2022 | Shawwal 13, 1443

89 agreements signed at Saudi International Education Conference

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education issued a statement on Thursday saying that a total of 89 agreements had been signed at its International Education Conference Exhibition 2022 in Riyadh this week.

The agreements and memoranda signed by ministries, universities, and local and international institutions covered areas including the development of education in the Kingdom, incentives for investment in education, crises and challenges in education, improving the efficiency of educational institutions, reaching international standards and indicators, and achieving the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

Ayed Alblaihshi, an investment expert, told Arab News that exhibitions and conferences are a great opportunity for government agencies to highlight their achievements and present their plans in the presence of international and local specialists.

“The agreements (signed in ICEE 2022) aim to promote integration among entities with shared objectives — whether local or international entities — through the development of the education system in Saudi Arabia," he said, adding that such exhibitions can also proved an opportunity for specialists to familiarize themselves with the most recent relevant work of research centers in Saudi universities, which can help ensure diversity in research and avoid repetition.

Dr. Hend Alfakieh, assistant of educational affairs at the Department of Education in Hail, said the Kingdom is experiencing a “qualitative boom” in the field of education and that, as a result, Saudi Arabia’s labor market is witnessing “remarkable development.”

Alfakieh noted that education is one of the greatest investments for both individuals and society, ensuring long-term returns on investment both socially and economically.

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