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Khaleej Times, Saturday, Aug 20, 2022 | Muharram 22, 1444

‏Jail term or fine for residents who risk safety during poor weather conditions

Emirates: UAE residents who expose themselves and others to dangers posed by poor weather conditions could be jailed for this irresponsible behaviour.

The UAE witnessed dusty weather for two consecutive days earlier this week, reducing visibility and prompting authorities in the country to issue advisories to preferably stay indoors.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority had issued a warning last week to the public regarding the poor weather conditions due to dust storm.

Authorities also issue alerts before heavy rains in the country for the safety of the motorists so that they do not venture into wadis and low-lying areas, exposing themselves and others to dangers posed by inclement weather.

Police also issued warnings time and again, asking motorists to drive safely and cautiously in poor weather conditions for the safety of their own and others.

“It’s the responsibility of the individuals to pay heed to such warnings and not expose themselves and others to the dangers posed by weather conditions. Actions to the contrary are subject to a fine and/or imprisonment,” says Abdulla Ziad Galadari, senior partner at Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

As per Article 399 under the Federal Decree-Law No.31/2021, he said, an individual who puts himself or others in danger may be fined and/or imprisoned.

“Article 400 of the same law states if a person endangers the life or safety of a child under the age of 15 or with limited mental or physical capacity, then they may be subject to imprisonment of up to 2 years. Further penalties are in place by the same law when the child being exposed to danger is under the age of 7,” says Galadari.

Abdulla Galadari further explained that danger constitutes personal safety or physical danger.

The residents and motorists must heed to the warnings issued by authorities for the safety of their own and others.

To caution residents amid inclement weather, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) had issued over 70 alerts ahead of the heavy rains that resulted in major disruption to human life.

Following heavy rains that lashed the eastern and northern parts of the country last month, the UAE authorities rescued hundreds of people who were stranded in Sharjah and Fujairah while seven people died.

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