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Kuwait Times, Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022 | Jamadi Al Awwal 20, 1444

MoE to speed up hiring of teachers

Kuwait: Informed sources said the education ministry plans to start the work of contracting teachers from abroad before the end of the school year and not during the summer break to avoid any delays with contracted teachers and ensure their arrival in Kuwait before the start of the new academic year.

The sources said most teachers who signed contracts with the education ministry from abroad arrived in the middle of the school term, and some were delayed until the start of the second term, due to the delayed issuance of visas by the interior ministry, adding these drawbacks will be avoided during the next school year.

Sources said education ministry will prepare two contracting committees – one will go for Jordan and the second to Palestine. Both will leave in May instead of July, adding no committees will be sent to countries other than Jordan and Palestine. They said the required specialties are mathematics, physics and chemistry.

They said the needs plans estimate the two committees will sign with at least 300 teachers, adding that the education ministry brought in the interior ministry in its contracting committees through a liaison officer to speed the issuance of entry visas and send them to contracted teachers before the end of August.

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