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Kuwait Times, Sunday, Feb 05, 2023 | Rajab 14, 1444

Kuwait to launch visa app, smart ID

Kuwait: First Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister and Acting Defense Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah announced Saturday the Kuwait Visa app, which will be launched soon. The Government Communication Center said Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled explained during the first meeting of the committee on demographics and labor market development that the Kuwait Visa app aims to secure and regulate the entry of workers into the country, avoid forgery and fight visa trafficking.

The app also aims to protect the society and limit the entry of those “wanted by courts or those with infectious diseases”, it added. The communication center said Sheikh Talal also announced the launch of a smart employee ID by the Public Authority of Manpower, which can be accessed through the Kuwait Mobile ID app, which includes official information related to the worker.

He said the ID also includes the worker’s legal status, work permit data, information on the professions authorized for the worker, the address of the company where they work, data on whether the worker is on a government contract or in the private sector, as well as a statement of the worker’s status in case they are absent from work.

Sheikh Talal pointed out the smart ID aims to protect Kuwaiti families from loose laborers and their entry into the homes of families under any pretext, and so that they are not exposed to commercial fraud by those who do not work in their main profession. It can enable a Kuwaiti family to view the data of the workers used before allowing them to carry out any work inside their homes.

The meeting held on Thursday at Seif Palace resulted in a set of decisions aimed at addressing the demographics, regulating the labor market and limiting manipulation and fraud, in addition to enhancing security and safety in society.

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