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Press Dossier    By Date   16/01/2023 Deal to offer Zamzam to visitors of Prophet’s biography museum

Arab News, Monday, Jan 16, 2023 | Jamadi Al Thani 23, 1444

Deal to offer Zamzam to visitors of Prophet’s biography museum

Saudi Arabia: The International Fair and Museum of the Prophet’s Biography, which is supervised by the Muslim World League, the strategic partner of the 2023 Conference and Exhibition for Hajj and Umrah Services, signed a memorandum of understanding with Al-Zamazemah Co.

The MoU aims to enhance cooperation in serving pilgrims, in an integrated context, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

The MWL’s undersecretary of corporate communication, Abdul Wahab Al-Shehri, and member of Al-Zamazemah’s board of directors, Hassan Abu Al-Faraj, signed the MoU.

It included several clauses, most notably defining the means of comfort and care provided by Saudi Arabia to pilgrims, to perform their rituals and other acts of worship with ease and safety, as well as acknowledging the efforts made by the Kingdom to raise the quality of services and enrich the pilgrimage and Umrah journey.

One of the most prominent clauses stipulated cooperation in distributing bottles of Zamzam water to pilgrims in the museums of the Prophet’s biography and Islamic civilization, in addition to other areas of cooperation.

Al-Shehri commended this cooperation with one of the oldest organizations working in the service of pilgrims, stressing how proud the MWL is to have signed this MoU and how eager it is to achieve the lofty aspirations of Saudi Vision 2030 to improve Hajj and Umrah services in accordance with the Islamic guidance.

Al-Shehri announced the good news to visitors, whose journeys of faith will be completed in the corridors of the Museum of the Prophet’s Biography “as if they were living it,” by drinking the blessed Zamzam water.

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