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Press Dossier    By Date   31/01/2023 Dubai: Sustainable aviation fuel reduces carbon emissions by 80%

Khaleej Times, Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 | Rajab 8, 1444

‏Dubai: Sustainable aviation fuel reduces carbon emissions by 80%

Emirates: Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 per cent compared to fossil fuel, according to industry officials.

Despite the shortage of the supply of sustainable fuel globally, its use and supply are growing as airline engine manufacturers are increasingly making new engines compatible with sustainable aviation fuel.

Globally, sustainable aviation fuel makes up only one per cent of the jet fuel supply.

On Monday, Dubai’s Emirates airline successfully operated its first demonstration flight powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Commanded by Captain Fali Vajifdar and Captain Khalid Nasser Akram, the flight took off from Dubai International airport (DXB) at around 11 am and flew for more than an hour over Dubai’s coastline before landing again at the Dubai airport.

Sustainable aviation fuel is mainly sourced from oil seeds, municipal waste, corn grain, algae, forestry residue, fats, oil and greases and dedicated energy crops.

Emirates airline demonstration flight was equipped with GE Aviation engines.

Zeina Chakhtoura, senior customer service manager of GE Aviation, said they’re working towards 100 per cent SAF standards which will be in place in two years.

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